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bears climbing a tree
mailbox bear
bear with honeypot 2
baby bear cub
bear with fish
bear holding a honeypot
standing bear
carved polar bear
carved natural bear
chainsaw carved bear
standing black bear
sleeping bear
sitting black bear
sitting brown bear
bear with butterfly
Carved Grizzly
walnet bear
bear stump carving
bears climbing a tree
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eagle, bear, wolf totem
Black Bear
Welcome Bear with Fish
Lazy Bear
The Bear pictured below is a
LIFESIZE Polar Bear in Raw form
(ready for final detail and preservative).
The bear pictured above was custom made for
"The Boeing Company"
and shipped to
The Netherland Royal Airforce.
10' Grizzly
7' Bear with Natural Finish
The same 7' bear with Color
Triple Cubs
Triple Cubs Stump Carving
Bear holding a tray
Momma & Baby Bear
Triple Cub Family
Walking Bear
Railing Bear
Lantern Bear
Sleeping Bear
Open mouth Grizz with No Finish "Raw"