HB Chainsaw Sculptures Stump Carvings
Stump Carvings:
Large Bass stump carving
bears stump carving
bass stump carving
carved bass
bear stump carving
indian stump carving
horse stump carving
horse head
Stump Carving is the term used for
on-site work, using an existing tree stump on your property. 
We bring scaffolding and chainsaws and create a one of a kind piece at your home.  All stump carvings are priced per piece depending on size & type of stump, location, detail and design.  An additional $20 fee is charged for every piece of hardware hit.  You have the option to have it completely preserved or do it yourself. 
Anything is possible... 
Kayak stump carving
bears climbing a stump 2
bears climbing a stump
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The Peddler & Monkeys were created from the famous children's book
"Caps For Sale".  The customer had 6 children so the 6 monkeys represent each one of them.
All Dogs Go To Heaven
This carving represents this family's dogs.  The 4 on the bottom are still living, where the two on top of the puffs of smoke have gone to heaven. 
Forever Roses
Infinitely Blooming
This tree stands 20' tall and represents a flower ready to bloom.
If your tree is too small to carve, Attachables are an option.
We can use some of the wood from your tree or bring our own to fit anything you want on your existing tree.