HB Chainsaw Sculptures Entertainment Opportunity
I have been carving for twenty-one years and have done many shows, fairs and benefits.  You have the opportunity to have us perform one of the most extreme forms of performance art on the planet.  Spectators get to witness raw logs turn into all kinds of wildlife and functional art in a matter of an hour, created with one of the most dangerous tools you can hold.  Best of all your fair gets to keep the pieces to auction off or sell at your discretion to recoup or profit from the shows.  People are utterly astounded by what they see created before their eyes.  The show is performed from behind protective netting and I am fully insured. I have references available for you to contact if you need to.

Fee Schedule:

Option 1.)  $500/day- 4 one hour shows, we keep and sell the pieces
Option 2.)  $900/day- 4 one hour shows, fair keeps and sells raw pieces
Option 3.)  $1200/day- 4 one hour shows, fair keeps and sells colored pieces

*The fair provides all the wood, clean up and electric. 

Entertainment Opportunity!
Fairs & Festivals:
carving demonstrations
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